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Solar Power Plant

The global demand for solar power has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. In the United States itself, solar energy has grown by about 60% per annum. This mounting requirement across the world is a clear indication that the future of solar power is positive and profitable. The government is also encouraging this trend, with California's Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, signing a legislation, ensuring that solar panels will be added to one million roofs throughout the state by 2018.

Given this scenario, we at NPower Corp are currently constructing a 20 MW Solar Power Plant in Alturas CA. The upcoming plant will have around 120,000 PV panels, spread out over nearly 100 hectares and will produce enough electricity for the equivalent of about 20,000 houses. Our power plant will help California meet its renewable energy goals. As the Governor said, "It is forward-thinking businesses...that will help California reach its nation-leading greenhouse gas reduction and Renewable Portfolio Standard goals, as well as create the new green jobs that will help spur our economic recovery."

Our Solar Power Plant aims to commercially implement solar technology for green economic growth and profit, ensuring a clean future for the planet as well. At NPower Corp, we strive to deliver an economically viable option to fossil-fuel generation. We are looking at providing cost-effective, renewable energy solutions that will protect and sustain the environment.