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Carbon Offsets

As global warming continues to lead to dangerous climate change, governments, industries and corporations are getting their act together and redefining their stand. The Kyoto Protocol, apart from enforcing the reduction of greenhouse gases and strictly monitoring emissions, also provides options like Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) which authorizes and checks projects to ensure they produce authentic, measurable, emission reduction.

The trend of Carbon Emission Trading is steadily increasing and keeping this in mind, as an organization that is in the business of power and energy, we at NPower Corp are committed to providing you with energy-efficient solutions, such as Carbon Offsets. Sanctioned by the Kyoto Protocol, these offsets will help your company/business earn carbon credits in the marketplace and are a cost effective method of reducing your fossil fuel consumption.

NPower Corp runs energy-efficient projects across several locations in India. Our projects mainly deal with renewable energy i.e. solar power and aim to reduce greenhouse gases in the long-term. All our projects are certified and guaranteed to meet the highest international standards and are key tools in impeding climate change. We strive to maintain accountability and additionality, in terms of extra reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Investing in our carbon offset projects will provide your business with the necessary credits to trade in the carbon emissions market as well as contribute to the development of sustainable energy.

Our aim is to provide your business with the aid and medium to fulfil your corporate responsibility towards the environment.