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Solar Panels Manufacturing

We at NPower Corp deal primarily with solar energy as a chief source of Green Power. Solar radiation is a readily available renewable energy resource. Our solutions for your business and industry needs are based on generating solar energy through our Solar Panel Manufacturing Unit, as well as our upcoming 20 MW Solar Power Plant in Alturas CA.

Solar panels are an increasingly energy efficient as well as cost-effective alternative in terms of long-term value. We manufacture only the highest quality and ensure that each panel is equipped to meet your most stringent needs. Our solar panels are built to withstand the harshest environments, reduce emission and generate optimum power production.

We manufacture both thin-film and silicon-based solar cells and modules. Our aim is to develop and manufacture silicon photovoltaic cells and panels for the commercial and industrial market. At NPower Corp, we also offer new innovations in photovoltaic modules, including increased output, thus guaranteeing a raise in your industry efficiency.

We deal with the entire process from designing and manufacturing to distribution and installation. Our aim is to customise the process to fit your business needs.